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Dear Silicon Valey, The Ads Are The Hard Part - Digiday

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Making Progress (Part 1) by Alex Magnin - CleanTechnica/ImportantMedia

The Next Network - MediaBizBloggers

Empowering Students Around The Globe - BostInnovation


Thought Catalog Tries E-Books - Digiday (11/20/12)

The Great Banner Ad Debate - Digiday (05/16/12)

Thought Catalog Wants to Capture The Millennial Moment - Digiday (04/25/12)

Helping South Sudan With Digital Photography - The Daily Banter

Martini Media Acquires London's TDP - TechCrunch

Martini Media Toasts $6M Series B - Silicon Tap

Martini Media Secures Series A Funding from Venrock, October 2008 - RedOrbit

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