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Google, Programmatic Ad Buying, And The Open Web (Thought Catalog, May 2016)

Network Effects And The New Physics Of Digital Media (NY Observer, May 2016)

How Fast Is Digital Publisher Revenue Growing? Not As Fast As You Think (NY Observer, April 2016)

New Media's Shift From Product- To Service-Driven Revenue (NY Observer, April 2016)

Mashable And The Challenge Of Venture-Funded Media (NY Observer, April 2016)

The Tide Will Turn On Branded Content (AdExchanger, October 2015)

Ad-Blocking Is Painful, But Not An Apocalypse (AdExchanger, September 2015)

How Much Is Your Direct Sales Team Really Worth? (AdExchanger, August 2015)

The Weird Economics Of Digital Media (Thought Catalog, March 2015)

15 Lessons From My 20s I'll Live By In My 30s (Thought Catalog, November 2014)

Dear Silicon Valey, The Ads Are The Hard Part (Digiday, December 2012)

A Letter Home From South Sudan (Wesleyan Magazine, November, 2012)

Everyone Should Write (Thought Catalog, October 2012)

How Much Are We Worth? (Thought Catalog, October 2012)

press coverage & quotes

On Growing A Profitable Media Business In 2016 (Digiday Podcast, October 2016)

Bootstrapped Thought Catalog Thinks Big, Stays Lean (Interview with AdExchanger, June 2016)

Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue And Traffic (Quote - The New York Times, April 2016)

Content-Sutra Podcast - Can Ad Supported Media Survive? (Podcast - Contently, December 2015)

Web Publishers Aren't Feeling The Heat From Mobile Ad-Blocking Yet (Quote - The Wall Street Journal, September 2015)

How Thought Catalog Built A Site Millennials Actually Want To Read (Business Profile - Native Advertising, April 2015)

The Nice Internet: Websites Like Thought Catalog And Upworthy Aim To Uplift (Business Profile - The New York Times, July 2014)

Forbes 30 Under 30 (Forbes, January 2014)

Thought Catalog Tries E-Books (Business Profile - Digiday, November 2012

The Great Banner Ad Debate (Quote - Digiday, May 2012)

Thought Catalog Wants to Capture The Millennial Moment (Business Profile - Digiday, April 2012

EPHAS Empowering Students Around The Globe With Photography (BostInno.com, June 2011)

Evolve Media Buys Affluent Marketing Firm Martini Media (MediaPost, June 2015)

AdMonsters Conference Keynote (August, 2015)

Yale Publishing Course (July, 2015)

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