I specialize in the business of consumer technology and digital media. That often means monetization, which often means advertising, and I’ve done a lot of that. It also means strategy, finance, and technology, through the lens of turning digital products into growing businesses.

I’ve been an executive, early employee, or founding teamer at Giphy, Thought Catalog, and Martini Media, and advised, invested in, and consulted for a half dozen others. I’ve helped build companies into a lot of revenue and sell them for a lot of money (I suppose, such things are relative).

I was named to the Forbes' 2014 "30 Under 30" and AdWeek's 2019 "Young Influentials" list.

I have a long-term, if intermittent, essay-writing hobby. As of the year 2021, I plan to host those on this site. Archives can be found here.

I am also an amateur woodworker. You can check out my work on IG @urbanwoodworking, and I may offer a few projects and woodworking plans here on this site.


Overview of my career at Giphy, Thought Catalog, Martini Media, and more. Includes lessons learned and awesome people from each stop.

Media & Monetization

Essays, links, and resources on how to build businesses for both customers - users and advertisers - in digital media and consumer tech.


Links to my woodworking projects, and perhaps in the future some Sketchup plans and how-tos.

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Alex Magnin

If you'd like to get in touch, email me at alex [at] alexmagnin [dot] com.