Every Person Has A Story

The goal of Every Person Has A Story (EPHAS) was to bring the tools of social media storytelling to the least-heard places on the planet. The non-profit lasted from 2010-2013, and I was a founding board member and active volunteer.

I established EPHAS chapters in Rwanda, Kenya, and South Sudan, traveling there to work within local organizations, bringing computers, digital cameras, and facilitating internet access to empower students to share their lives and stories with the world. EPHAS overall went to 18 countries and over 40 programs, including Cambodia, Haiti, and the U.S. I established chapters in Kigali and Gitwe, Rwanda, Nairobi, Kenya, and Leer, South Sudan.

The thousands of images produced per week were curated into social media feeds and used to entice donations to local infrastructure projects.

We raised 6 figures a year to keep the project running. I learned how big the world is and that grace extends over all 7 billion of us. I wrote about my experience in South Sudan here.

Awesome People: Ryan Ansin (founder), Emmanuel Jal, Sean Jones, David Mitali, Jon Vance, Gerard Urayeneza