Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is a digital media company publishing one of the 100 most popular content sites in the U.S.

I joined Chris in the first year of the company's founding to be the founding business person.

Thought Catalog was in the vanguard of a few key trends:

I ran revenue (ad products, strategy, sales, operations, BD) and became a partner in the business. Spoke at conferences, made an acquisition, managed PR crises and moderation issues.

Thought Catalog grew many fold over this time. Consistently a top-100 trafficked site in the U.S. Built a book publishing business, agency business, Facebook ad buying operation, and reached ~50 employees and 8 figures of revenue and growing.

We diversified revenue and never raised money, meaning the company remains a profitable, growing digital media company.

Lessons on how to build an independent media company:

Partial list of awesome people: Chris Lavergne, Steph Georgopolous, Ryan O'Connell, Chelsea Fagan, Annie Atherton, Michael Koh, Robbie Burton, Raven Evans, Cristina Calderon, Preet Rajdeo