Investments, Consulting Work, and Advisorships

IKAI / The Unwinder (Co-Founder/Owner) - A few small website and social media account holdings and operations. Today, the main focus is The Unwinder, an evidence-based review site for health and wellness products, currently attracing about 50,000 monthly readers and featured in sites like Healthline, HuffPost, and Business Insider.

PAKT (Advisor) - Insurtech startup creating the infrastructure for anyone anywhere to embed and sell insurance products, fixing both consumers mediocre experience of insurance and reducing the advertising, marketing, and distribution costs traditional insurers layer on to the premium. I have been helping with marketing, partnerships, and fundraising / corporate strategy since pre-seed.

Illumina East (Investor) - An alternative kundalini-style yoga and meditation studio business on Avenue B. It was doing nicely before the covid-19 pandemic :(. I was an initial investor and regular student.

Beam Tech (Investor) - Bringing industrial safety processes into the data age.

OysterLabs (EIR) - A mobile app development lab circa 2011 at which I was an entrepreneur-in-residence for aprx a semester. We built some election-based mobile games that did moderately well.